Joystick Junkies 28 Quantum Broken

So much to cover and only so many words. This week we talk about the beta of BattleBorn. We discuss God of War 4 and what we would like to see. I have a hard time with Mighty No 9 and still waiting. Sony is a sweet heart. We discuss the remote play for ps4 on the PC. I let you know how you can remote play a game, by remotely logging in to a local computer and using that to play. Yes it sounds wordy but it is easy to do. There is more topics we discuss but the last thing we go over is Quantum Break and should you buy it. Hope everyone enjoys!

Written by: Chris Robinson

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LR Gohan Summon Legend or Myth?: via @YouTube
Another LR Gohan Summon 500 Stones: via @YouTube
LR Gohan Summon 500 Stones: via @YouTube