Rise of The Tomb Raider Price Cut $39.99

Not even a month since it’s launch, Microsoft is already giving The Rise of The Tomb Raider a price cut to $39.99 on both the Microsoft store as well as Amazon. It would seem that Microsoft is trying to push the sales of their timed exclusive game considering sales wise its ranked outside of the top 50 games. Thanks to this price cut Tomb Raider has jumped to the top 15 in sales. Though that this price cut comes shortly after the release of the game, it shouldn’t take away from the quality of the product.


The Rise of The Tomb Raider sales have been less than stellar and probably having the game released at the same time as other top triple A title such as (Call of Duty, Halo 5, Fallout 4) may have not been the best move. It seems also that limiting the game only to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 as the launch platforms might hurt the overall sales of the game.

Written by: John Vega

Co-Editing Chief

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