Halo 5: Is This Set Up To Be Biggest Launch In Xbox History?

If you were to ask fans if Halo 5 launch is the most important launch in the history of Xbox, many would agree it is. I will respectfully disagree. Allow me to explain why I believe this is not the most important launch for Xbox.

A long time ago, there was a company with an extreme determination to show that they were capable of creating a platform in which gamers would be able to connect with other people around not just here but around the world. So lets turn the clock back to when Microsoft introduced the original Xbox in 2001. Many gamers seemed to have a short memory in that at this time the Sega Dreamcast was dead, Nintendo was also launching the GameCube in 2001 at the same time frame as the Xbox. Well this all doesn’t look like a big deal right? WRONG!!!

The reason why this is wrong is cause at the launch of the original Xbox, Sony had already flooded the market with 20 millions PS2 units on top of that they had secured many exclusive games. This is where I believe that the Xbox needed Halo to be its greatest launch in history. Let me tell you been a young man when Halo came out bundled with the Xbox it was incredible. Halo exploded into the scene and giving fans an experience unlike any ever created at the time. The reason why Halo needed to be a success was simple. If Halo would of flopped do you guys really think that Xbox brand would still be alive? I strongly don’t believe it would simply cause after Halo there was no other exclusive that drove the console.

Seriously don’t you guys remember this horrible controller lol

I believe that Halo 5 is the biggest launch for Xbox THIS generation. The Xbox One is an incredible system with much to offer and capable of things that we haven’t seen yet. I will be enjoying this game and hopefully I will see you guys in the battlefield.

Written by: John Vega

Co-Editing Chief

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